I really worry about alcohol in cooking. I know it’s suppose to burn off, but wouldn’t the residual alcohol taste start an alcoholic to start craving it. I’m really afraid to take the chance. When you have to flame something is there anything else to use?

I use alcohol on a regular basis, i’ve never had an alcohol flavor in the food since its a complimentary flavor that is altered from its normal state by cooking.

I would suggest cooking a few dishes and test try them to see if you can pickup on the alcoholic flavorings before serving to someone with an alohol problem. If you are the one that had an issue with alcohol than just don’t even bring it into the house. I treat alcohol as just another spice/marinade but just like any other ingredient it can be eliminated or substituted. Treat it like an allergy where if you add it you’ll die.

I have a few friends who are long time AA members and they have zero tolerance for alcohol in anything even if burned off. However, I am sure they never thought about the alcohol in vanilla extracts and other extracts.