Althernatives to Bell Pepper?

My fiance and I have recently tried to revamp our diet to include healthier, more veggie filled dishes. The problem however, is that my fiance has an intolerance for bell peppers and many of these recipes call for them. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative that might be less aggravating for him but that would still provide the great texture and fresh flavor often required to make these recipes work? Appreciate any input. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


By “tolerate” do you mean digestively speaking? or do you mean flavor?

If he is having a hard time with indigestion then try a natural enzyme supplement with every meal. You can get them a the health food store. Taking them with your meals will work wonders on heart burn and foods that usually make you feel ICK. And, they are all natural. There are many to choose from so ask the health food store owner for a recommendation.

If it is flavor that he is having a hard time with then I LOVE to substitute red bell peppers in my recipes. They are sweet and very flavorful, and lots of color and interest to your dish.