An essay, "Why I would love a membership to

Twenty years ago I was a busy working mother who needed a clone to get everything done. “I don’t have enough time” was my mantra. I had a daughter and a son who were always heading out the door in different directions and of course, I was the one who had to drive them wherever it was they had to be. My husband was busy himself with a highly responsible job, yet still came home and helped with the kids as well as doing woodwork for pleasure and profit, and gardening when time allowed. I, myself, was in every support group of every activity my kids participated in. I also held several offices at church and sang with a trio. Whew! I did all that?

As busy as I was, one thing I always tried to do was make sure my family ate right. Each week (sometimes at 2:00 A. M.), I would sit down and plan my s meals for the upcoming week. I’d go through cookbooks and cooking magazines and write down recipes I’d like to try. Then I would go to my trusty list of main dishes my family enjoyed, choose several of those and incorporate a couple of new finds. Viola! The meal plan was done for the week and it only took a couple of hours. Now I had to make the grocery list. It was work, but I found it was well worth it because it eliminated questions and confusion when I got home at 6:00 P.M. and had to face a hungry crowd.

Fast forward twenty years. I am still a busy working mother however, my children and grandchildren do not live in the same house as me. My husband still works and gardens. I still don’t have enough time. I got away from weekly meal planning when the kids went off to college, but would love to get back on track. Right now my husband and I just rattle around the kitchen at dinner time wondering what to eat. What we need is a plan.

I would love a membership because I know firsthand what a timesaver having a meal plan can be. But with a membership, someone else would take care of the recipe-searching, list-making, time consuming details. All I would do is click a mouse. I think I have enough time for that.

Great essay! Its nice to know that even twenty years ago, the same problems faced moms. :wink: