I just do not have the will power. I’m 300 lbs, diabetic. I’ve been on every diet you can name. I’ve had my stomach stappled and went down to 150. But it’s all back plus. I have problems with my knees and ankles so I have a problem walking alot. My eyes are bad so I’m not suppost to bend over. I love to cook and eat. But, I hate myself like this. Even prayers don’t help. What would you do?

My heart goes out to you, because I too have been 300+ and I too am a gastric bypass failure. I had my bypass several years ago, you did great by losing 150 lbs! Not only have I gained back some of my weight, but I didn’t even lose a lot to begin with. I had the bypass thinking it was an easy way out ( the mentality of a lot of people who only believe what they see on tv). However, it wasn’t that easy. It was only after I quit losing weight, and began to gain a little of it back that I got scared and realized that “I” had to do something. I joined Weight Watchers. This is not a commercial for them, but the program has worked for me. It has taught me how to eat, portion control, and healthy eating habits. I’m sure you realize that after you lose some of your weight, you’ll be able to exercise. Thats the only way to lose weight–healthy foods, portion control and burning more calories than you eat.
If you give up now, next year you’ll be writing “I weigh over 400 lbs…”
Make your mind up and stick to it! I am doing it, so can you. I also have little will power, so I don’t have foods around that I shouldn’t eat to tempt me. Also, as you lose weight, get rid of your clothes. That is very important–if you have to go out and buy new clothes when the ones you are wearing get uncomfortable, it makes you think! Hope I’ve said something that helped you. Even if you have tried ww before, It is something that works. It is a slow process, but it is not a diet–it’s a way of life. Good luck to you.

There is really no quick fix that works. Your main goal should be to find a diet that you can live with and stick to. That is the hard part. Once you do you will have no trouble sticking to it.

I myself am a junk eater, love chocolate, and hate exercise. Why lie to myself. I can’t change after many years of being this way.

I finally found the diet I like that allows me brownies, muffins, etc.

When I first started it was a matter of getting used to cooking with oat flour (just ground up oatmeal in blender) and no dairy products (used soy milk, both vanilla and chocolate) low salt, and egg whites.

Started on what is called 6 week diet on TV Jun 04 and todate I am 80 lbs lighter. Once I reached the 60 goal slowly added wheat (in small quantites) and no-fat dairy. Took longer to lose the next 20 lbs, but didn’t care as I was now adding a banana bread (combination of wheat and oat flour) and home made bread, (bread machine, usually with oats bread).

Forgot to add I was usiing insulin to control my diabetes and now I am on diet alone in perfect control. Found my biggest food problem was wheat and dairy fat. They send my blood sugar up. So now limiit them.

The main trick is to eat a well balanced diet.
Oatmeal with egg white (makes a custard) in morning.
Snack, Protein and fruit
Lunch, Protein, carb and fruit
Snack, Protein and muffin
Dinner, Protein, carb and fruit or jello with fruit
Snack, Protein and brownie

It works and you are not hungry eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs.
Never starve your body, it doesn’t work. With spices you can make any food taste different each and every time you eat it. My favorite muffins, blueberry or apple. Chocolate, in brownies, chocolate soy milk and flavored coffee. I am now eating more then I ever did before and plan on sticking to this for the rest of my life. I can live without fast foods. Check internet for low fat recipes, there are millions of them out there.
Good luck, I know you can do it .

I know you like to cook but why not take your favorite recipes and find ways to change them to be more healthy. This is a perfect place to post your questions on how to make a recipe with less fat or calories. I have found ways to make my favorite recipes low fat and some even tasted better. What you need to do is eat more fruit and veges less fat. Just remember if it is low in sugar it is high in fat or if it’s low in fat it is high in sugar. You also need to drink plenty of water. As for your dibetes you probably have type 2 which is treatable with proper diet and excercise. I joined a club if you have it in your town is great it is curves you only have a 30 minute workout and it does wonders. Everyone there encourages you no matter what your size or ability. There is a woman there who lost 105 pounds with proper diet and she gets up around 5 A.m and walks 1 mile a day through the neighborhood and looks great and is always happy now that she has found her real self. You can also look in to the 40/30/30 diet or the Zone diet which is great for dibetics. I lost 37 pounds on this diet and it does work. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.