Any ideas?

Hi all!

I have an abundance of cherry tomatoes from the garden. We pick a bowl every 2 days! I need new ways of cooking some veggies.

Today, from the garden, I have:

A bowl of cherry tomatoes
4 very ripened Roma tomatoes
1 small zucchini
Some Spanish onions
A few jalapeno peppers

Any suggestions, besides salsa?

Thanks a bunch! Aline

Aline I would make a soup.

Chop the onions fine and brown in some butter in a large pot.
Peel and core the Roma tomatoes and course chop, add to pot.
Peel and shread the zucchini and add to pot.
Chop as many of the peppers that you can stand the heat of and add to the pot.

Add atleast 2 quarts of chicken stock to the pot and simmer for a few hours.
Add the whole cherry tomatoes about a half hour before serving. Then add about a cup of milk or cream 10 minutes before serving.

That is what I would do.