Any one know how to make cake pops ?

I always try to make them but they always go wrong and mostly broke down.
Any one knows how to make them properly. And in different shapes ?

I am so glad you posted this question!!! Unfortunately I don’t but I have recently been searching some baking websites. I really hope someone posts HELP here. I know there is something about crumbling a baked cake & mixing it with canned frosting, refrigerating, ETC…but there were so many variations.

PLEASE, anyone with a tried, true, & tested recipe…please share!!!


There’s a shop here in town that makes them but it’s quite different. It’s literally like it was baked with the stick in it and then frosted afterwards. Here’s their site :Sticky Sweet.

They’re good… but pricey. And I’m pretty sure she makes these out of her home which might be illegal haha

KW, thanks for posting recipe. In some of my searching, I also discovered to dip the sticks into some melted chocolate once cake pop was shaped, then refrigerate & cooled chocolate would adhere the cake to the stick, then, when quite cold, could easily be dipped in melted chocolate. Then either sprinkle immediately with sprinkles OR refrigerate (up right) in, as you mentioned, Styrofoam, & then can be decorated with other melted chocolate swirls etc… (IF I only had that creative decorating talent!!..LOL!)
Thanks for your ideas, very helpful!

These appear to be the same as Brownies-on-a-Stick that my family has been making for the past 20 years for our county fair and various church bake sales.

After baking cake (or brownies), let cool slightly then crumble and stir in a can of frosting. Using a large spoon or ice cream scoop, transfer mixture to your hand and roll into the size of “pop” desired.

The trick is to freeze them on a parchment (or wax paper) lined tray until firm but not thoroughly frozen then insert the stick. You can then refreeze or go ahead and dip them. At this point they will hold together enough to dip and again place on a lined tray or baking sheet.

Here in Mississippi, these usually have to be refrigerated, if they last that long !!!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.