Anyone ever done a family cookbook??

I know you have Kitchen Witch :wink: I took a peek at your page. I did one about 10 years ago. It took me forever and a day to drag recipes out of my family and my boyfriends (DH now) family but it turned out wonderful. Family members still tell me they use it and it is something we will treasure always.

I am actually thinking about beginning another one…I know…I am a masochist…what can I say.

What about all of you?

My sister-in-law started a family cook book years ago and continues to expand it, but with all the marriages of the cousins and the in-laws, it doesn’t feel like a family cook book anymore as maybe 80% of the recipes I’ve never tasted. So to me, it is no longer a “family cookbook” which I think of as being filled with your favorite recipes!! ziggy70

I hear ya ziggy! Our family hasn’t evolved to that large of a family yet to get too out of control. But as I am looking at my ever expanding recipe collection I can see where you are coming from. I just purchased Ron’s recipe collection software and started loading them…and started reminising(sp) about my gma’s recipes…those are the recipes that should be in a family cookbook!

My poor hubby didn’t know what hit him. Before we got married, my hubby thought Italian food was Chef Boyardee…literally. That is all he ate. After, I introducted him to a whole new world of Italian food and he hasn’t looked back!


OH NO…that is a travesty!!!


What is Ron’s recipe software and where do I find it.

I litterately have thousands of recipes collected from all over the world and was considering organising a church ( Holy Rosary Church , Bundaberg, Queensland , Australia ) cookbook both for interest and fund raising.

I would imagine that a family cookbook would be much the same as a church one.