Anyone make your own jelly/jam?

Do you usually just buy the store bought jam/jelly or do you make your own? Do you find it difficult at all?

I find it a lot easier to just buy it off of the shelf, but I got my first taste of homemade jelly (can’t be beat!) and I am considering maybe making it sometime down the road.

I think two things discourage many people from making their own jams and jellies.

  • Many recipes are old and maybe came from a time when people had small orchards on a family farm and a lot of fruit to deal with at once. “Take 10 lbs of cherries…” The average person in an apartment doesn’t need 2 dozen jars of jam.

  • Cost. Fresh fruit can be expensive if you start buying in quantities to fill the average recipe requirements. Also, pectin can be expensive if you are going to need a lot.

Maybe people don’t see a great difference between home canned and a good brand of jam. In California, when I was a child, Mom would buy Knott’s Berry Farm brand jams and jellies when she wanted one of the best commercial brands available in the supermarket.

I would like to see some recipes where you could take a can of peaches or pears, etc and turn that into a jar of two of jelly, or recipes using fresh fruit that only make a couple of jars. I don’t need 2 dozen jars of the same jelly.

I’ve made hot pepper jelly with bell peppers and jalapenos.