Appetizer Forum

Hi everyone! :smiley:

Being that the holidays are near, everybody loves to have appetizers ready in their freezer for when company comes. They can be made ahead, frozen and just heated up, or just simply quick and easy to make fresh.

It seems that a lot of people would be interested in having recipes only for finger foods or appetizers, so it would be really nice to have these recipes all in one place.

So I would like to run a pole of how many people would be interested in this category and then maybe something can be set up that would make this category organized with easy access to specific appetizer/finger food recipes such as:

  • hot appetizers
  • cold appetizers
  • spreads and dips
  • fruit appetizers
  • vegetable appetizers
  • wraps and rolls
  • nuts and seeds
  • cheese

So please post your thoughts on this and what headings you think should be included.

My personal thought is that this subject can have considerable volume and, for this reason, the setup should be well organized from the start so that there is no need to “scroll” through many many recipes in one category just to see the titles of the recipes. Perhaps having something like the Exchange setup for EACH category. This makes it easier to view the title of the recipes.



That sounds great! I’d love to be able to go and find a quick appetizer recipe when it’s needed.
I think that having the categories seperated would benefit everyone too. Kind of like the International Cuisine Forum.