Arrowroot Pudding

There are few types of duddaLLis – one prepared with rice and coconut, the second one is made with arrowroot powder (kachra peet), the third one is made from ragi flour.

Arrowroot or Kachra peet is the powder prepared from tubers. The leaves of this plant look very similar to turmeric leaves, but have thicker veins and do not have the aroma. After the leaves are dried, the tubers are removed and this flour is prepared using a very tedious process. The kachra peet has some dirt particles in it. So while using in any dish, it needs to be washed to remove all the dirt. At our native, it is available in the form of big chunks. This starch is easily digestible.

1 cup arrowroot flour(kachra peet)
1 cup sugar
3 cups milk
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder
2 tbl spn chana dal (optional)
2 tbl spn cashews (optional)

Cook chana dal and cashews. Keep aside.
Take kachra peet (arrowroot powder) in a bowl and add water to it. In few minutes, the dirt particles float on the top and thick white paste at the bottom. Discard the water from top. Add water to the paste again and discard the water from top after few minutes. Add 1 cup milk to the paste and mix it very well.
Heat remaining milk till it starts boiling. Add sugar, chana dal and cashews. Now slowly add the paste and keep stirring. Within few minutes, the milk starts thickening (like custard). Add cardamom powder. Switch off the heat.
Apply some ghee to the bottom of a flat pan/shallow plate and pour the thick custard on it. When it is cooled down, cut into squares. Serve with some ghee on top (If necessary, decorate with cashews on top).