Asked this once before, but will again

With all the recipes on this site, there seems to be very little input throught this topic area for reviews of recipes. Why is that?

Don’t be afraid to tell what you think of recipes found here, we all are interested in how things turn out for you.

I’ve received several emails containing recipe reviews for recipes that I’ve posted. I would rather that they be posted here so that anyone wishing to try a certain recipe has some input on it. Thanks.

Hi folks…

I agree entirely with Aline and Shadows! I am guilty of not posting follow ups for recipes which my family and I have enjoyed … but I shall make every effort to give credit where credit is due, from now on!

It only takes but a minute or so to post your opinion. Even a neutral comment or a suggestion to alter measurements or adding ingredients … it’s all valuable information.

Somehow, I think if we can get some momentum going with feedback, it will become second nature to give us all a “Siskel & Ebert” opinion!

Excellent point Aline and Shadows…thanks for the reminder!


I agree that reviews would be a wonderful addition to any recipe, but I’ve been frustrated trying to match reviews with recipes.

In my case especially, I print off a lot of recipes to use at a later date, since my computer is nowhere near my kitchen. I posted a review recently for a recipe by Nebulized that I had printed some time ago, but when I did a search, I could not locate the recipe on the website. This makes leaving a review somewhat worthless since I would imagine no one else would be able to find the recipe either.

If there was some way to link the review to the recipe, I think that would be most helpful.


It would help if people would also include a link to the recipe which they’re reviewing.

I have edited my one review to include such and will do so for any other reviews I do.

I’d love to insert a link, but I don’t know how.

In fact, I tried to do just that when I posted my review of a recipe by nebulized (Meatball Stroganoff) but the recipe must have been posted before the switch to this format. When I did a search on any recipe by her, it only showed those since the first of the year.

Any help?


I can’t find a recipe by that name either, Maybe your friendly forum moderator can answer that question for you along with my question of who and why was my post topic title changed.

I have no idea why some recipes are no longer posted on this site. My guess is that they somehow got “lost” during the transition. I can’t seem to find some recipes that I posted a long time ago.

As far as posting a link with a review, I would if I could find the recipe! LOL

As far as who changed the title of your post, it would have to be Kitchen Witch as she is moderator for this forum.

If you use simply the search function above the Meatball Stroganoff recipe comes up. Here’s the link.

This link only brings you to Lizzie’s earlier message. I’ve searched all of Nebulized’s posts and the recipe is not there. So I don’t know???

At least the search works, LOL.

That might be one that got away during the conversion. Maybe he can repost it. Send him a PM.

Thanks, Kitchen Witch, for finding the recipe. That is the one I used. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it, but I’m glad you did.