August 17th Dinner?

DS will be home in time for a late dinner this evening, so I’m thinking I’ll make breakfast for our dinner. I’m going to crumble up some Jimmy Dean’s sausage and toss it into some scrambled eggs and top with shredded cheddar. Guess I’ll make some toast, I would love some grits, but that may be a bit too heavy for a late dinner. We won’t be eating until about 8:30, so don’t want to go to bed with a heavy meal in our tummies.

Before I go to bed, I think I’ll put this in my Dutch oven and into a low oven, 225 degrees to cook overnight. This is a recipe I copied, so it’s not “me” speaking in the recipe, but I’ve cooked this many times and it is so very good!

Pepperoncini Beef Sandwiches

1 3lb London broil (remove any visible fat on the edges)
1 16oz jar pepperoncinis
Minced garlic

Long rolls
Horseradish sauce
Provolone cheese slices

Put the London Broil in the crockpot and pour entire jar of pepperoncini’s on top. Juice and all. I usually pull the stems off and then break/cut the peppers up. Add some minced garlic. Cook on low for about 8-10 hours.

When done, take a wooden spoon and break up/shred the beef and peppers in the crock. I then drain the meat and peppers, reserving the juice.

Smear horseradish on roll, then add your cheese, and then finally some of the beef/pepper mixture. Add some juice if you’d like.

This makes about 6 sandwiches (on 6 inch long rolls).

We will be having our Pepperoncini Beef Sliders for dinner; I’ll be using Hawaiian King rolls for the bread.

I sure hope someone reads here sometime today and can answer a question. I’m going to be making hotdog chili this afternoon and want to know if any of y’all “thicken” your chili for hotdogs and if so, how? In the past, I have used instant potato flakes and a couple of times I grated a small piece of potato (super fine grate) into the chili to thicken it up. These worked, but the chili still didn’t have the consistency I was looking for. Would love to get suggestions.

Thanks for the tip!