Aussie in Thailand

For many years in Australia I cooked for my parents. Problem was that they ate different food from me.

Now I am in a small town in Thailand in a brand new house and a dream kitchen.

It is an agricultural area and morning markets are the only places for fresh food.

Some problems with language but I will get there eventually. Even the Service Station thinks it very funny when I produce my sign written in Thai script - “Diesel - Fill please”.

Some of the new appliances are baffling me - but everything is so cheap so I buy. I hope that experience and this site helps before I starve.


I have been living in Jomtien for 6 years now and find the language all but impossible, but I manage somehow.

To live in Thai Thailand as opposed to tourist Thailand is a gastronome’s dream. I lived as such as a teacher for one year. The language barrier can be a bit of a communication breakdown. But pointing helps ;). And at the markets they sell the most unbelievable meals and fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner -cooked right in front of you.

I do get out of the tourist areas quite often and I agree with you.