Tried to show gallery and all I got was a blank?

Help? :?:

I tried also…but it appears the gallary is empty. I wanted to display one of my own…but no go. That is something controlled soley by admin. I can only assume, it is not functioning to save on server space…and that may be way off course too? Ron, can you fill us in on the topic of Avatars, please. :wink:


Thanks! Watin on help! Thought I was just new and did not know site losistics!


Okay you guys, what the heck are you talking about? :? What are avatars?? What gallery?? I know I’m French, but geez… :wink: :lol:

Geez I’m good !! LOL

Never mind my earlier post. I found out what avatars are when I clicked on “profile”. :wink:

Gotta love those French girls! Always had this “thang” for them…hmmm must be the french side of my ancestory. Les filles françaises sont si douces. OK, OK … I’ll leave it at that!

B-man :wink:

So I did not see ur avatar??? AM I nuts!?!?!?! LOL, YUP!


LOL B-man!!! HMMM! Hoochie??? JK JK!!! You replied as I was! Did I miss directions? Did Frenchie seee wat I (we) missed?

Hi rogerslmc:

Yes, Aline saw our posts, and by going to “profile” discovered what Avatars are…and the fact the gallary was empty, and that you can’t use avatars as such, for the time being anyway. I wanted to use one I currently use on MSN messenger. It’s a head and shoulder shot of Darth Vader. I’ll send Ron, a quick message…he’s REAL busy with other aspects of business, so we could be waiting for awhile to hear back from him. Hé is usually very prompt in fielding questions in the various forums…but as of late he has to balance his time between the Forums and other business issues.

Hey Roger! Who you calling Frenchie ?? eh? LOL :lol: Just kidding.
It just so happened that I went to check on “profile” to add a “signature” after I posted my first message here, and that’s when I seen the avatar thingy. The gallery was also empty for me.

Your French spelling b-man is pretty darn good. I’m surprised! Or did ya use a French spellcheck? :lol:

Jk! Aline! I am enough computer literate to name me DANGEROUS! Just beggin! Know my way around a lot and when it comes to programming, hmmmm. LOL!

Thanks for heads up all!


Can we get some direction as to avatars, and whether we can add them, or not!


B-man :wink:

got an e-mail today saying avatars are available - can’t find them either - in profile =empty - what’s up? :?:

I’m not sure what you guys are referring to. You seem to be using the Avatars just fine.

When I click the Show Gallary button it takes me to the Avatar Gallary.

Are referring to using your own Avatar and not one from the Gallary?

For security purposes, I don’t enable people to upload images on anything else to my servers.

I’m open to suggestions for adding new Avatars to the Gallery (within reason).