Avocado and Cheese/Cheese Substitute Quesadilla


1] 1/4 to 1/2 avocado

2] As much cheese/cheese substitute as you care to have on a quesadilla

3] Lemon juice

4] 2 flour tortillas


Step one::: Mash up the avocado and zest to taste with lemon juice. I used about a teaspoon or less for mine.

Step two::: Spread the mashed avocado onto ONE tortilla #1

Step three::: Put the tortilla #1 [Avocado side up] onto a pan, and layer cheese/cheese substitute over the avocado, as much as you would care to.

Step four::: Lay tortilla #2 onto tortilla #1, with avocado and cheese between them

Step five::: Heat on medium LOW until cheese/cheese substitute is either melted or tortillas have become SLIGHTLY crispy [Be short to carefully flip so that neither sides burn]