Baking, Shipping, and Reheating Food

I’m planning on making this Potato Skins recipe for a friend and want to 2-day ship them out to him while they’re frozen. I’ve never frozen and shipped out anything I’ve cooked so I’m clueless when it comes to these things. If someone could help me with my baking questions, I’d be so grateful!

  1. Do I follow the recipe as is and cook them all the way through, if not at all? Or do I bake them halfway and then freeze them and let him cook them the rest of the way?

  2. What temperature should the oven be when reheating/baking?

  3. Do the potato skins need to be defrosted before being put in the oven or can they be put in while completely solid?

  4. I’m thinking of freezing them overnight, then packing them with dry when ready to be shipped. How should I pack the dry ice into the box?

  5. I want to send beer as well, do I need to send this in seperate box so that the beer will not freeze? I am worried about it losing carbination this way.

  6. Any other suggestions would be helpful!