Basil Cream Cheese Pesto Filled Tomatoes

Basil Cream Cheese Pesto Filled Tomatoes

8 fresh basil leaves
3 cloves of fresh garlic
1/4 c. pine nuts
1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1 (6-oz.) pkg. low-fat cream cheese
1 pint cherry tomatoes (about 30)

In food processor fitted with metal blade, purée basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan, and cream cheese to make a paste.

To hollow out cherry tomatoes, cut a cone shape out of the stem end of the tomato with a sharp paring knife.

Fill tomatoes with “pesto” using a pastry bag fitted with a large nozzle.

Yield: 24 appetizers

Hi Aline, This one really sounds yummy and easy too. I am going to make them for the 4th, as on of my appetizers!

Thanks for a great post,


Hi Joanie!

Glad I could help. :smiley: Hope you enjoy them!

actually I made a simular version using the grape tomatoes I cut just a small section off bottom so they stand up and using a potatoe peeler cored out the other end and I stufeed them with a small cube of cheese which I tossed with fresh chopped basil and a good balsamic vinegar and on top of that I sprinkle just a touch of lemon pepper you can also use the peeler as a scoop I took just plain goat cheese and stuffed the tomatoes and topped with either lemon pepper or any type of seasoned pepper…good quick and easy and tasty. These can be passed around as an appetizer at a cocktail party.