BBQ Advice Please

Hi, I have a Weber Genesis, and I’m wondering about putting wood chips in the grill to try some smoking. I don’t have a smoker, but I’m trying to make a recipe that needs to be smoked. Will the ash have any affect on the burners? I read about the grill on a few sites that have weber e310 grill reviews, but I wanted to get some advice/tips from someone who’s actually done it before.


I saw on Boy Meets Grill the other day, he put the wood chips into an aluminum pan on one side of the grill, let it get all smoky, and then put the meat on the other side.

lowe’s or home depot have a cast iron container for wood chips. it is just the right size to fit between the grill and the flaver bars (with out the lid)
I have went through about 6 genesis in my life. now i trying the built in summet

P. S. place in any corner up side from the wind for max smoke

Soak the chips for at least 2 hours in water or, for more flavor, apple juice.
Wrap the wet chips in aluminum foil and poke holes in the foil with a knife.
Place directly on the coals.
Smoke the meat on the cool end of the grill after you make a two or three zone fire.

Hope this helps

I have used the cast iron smoker box and didn’t like the results, takes too long to heat up for the chips to smoke. I, like Mark886, prefer to make aluminum pouches. Enjoy!