BBQ Chicken Marinade

I have made this Marinade on Saterday Afternoon while waiting on friends to arive . Unfortunatly our BBQ got rained out so I never tested this marinande on the chicken I have the Chicken lying in the marinade at the moment in the frige , we will try them out when we have a BBQ again . If someone here wants to try them out before i do you are welcome . I have tasted the Marinade and it taste good .

Marinade :
1,5 tea spoon of Garlic
a Pinch of Robertsons Coriander power
a Pinch of Robertsons Cummin powder
2 Table Spoons of Apricot Jam
250 ml Tomato Sauce
3 table spoons of Mayo
Salt & Peper to taste
splash of Vinigar
Splash of Wochester Sauce
1.5 blocks of Beef stock and 750 ml of boiling Water
3 table spoons of olive oil

Take a cooking pot and add the oil add the Garlic and fry them for 5 minutes add the rest of the mixuter and simmer on low for 2 hours stiring occasionaly
pour over your Chicken and let it stand for a minumum of 6 hours and BBQ the checken over the coals brushing the marinade over them until done .

This is a marinade I thought out my self but have not tried it out due to the rain hope to hear some comments

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Good Day my Friends
I have tested this new marinade of mine and it worked out beautyfuly all where amazed by its taste , So please try it out and let me know what you think of it