Become a Quitter (Heart Health)

Become a Quitter (Heart Health)

There are many reasons why you should stop smoking. One very important reason is that smoking raises your risk for heart disease. If you are trying to stop smoking, keep these four tips in mind.

Develop new habits. Replace previous smoking situations with new activities. If stress causes you to light up, try deep breathing to calm you. (Take a slow, deep breath, count to five, and release it.) Try it right now!

Keep busy. Get involved in activities that require the use of your hands, such as beading, knitting, and a fixing-up project around the house.

Keep moving. Try going for a nature walk, work in the garden, do stretching exercises, or practice your favorite dance steps.

Know what to expect. During the first week after quitting, a person may experience temporary withdrawal symptoms. These include headaches, irritability, tiredness, and trouble concentrating. While these feelings are not pleasant, it is important to know that they are signs that your body is recovering from smoking.

Dealing with any type of addiction is tough, but you’ll be healthier if you make this change in your life. Kick the smoking habit — before your heart has to pay the price!

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