Beef Tips with Rice and Cabbage

I made this recipe posted by Manda 1027 one day last week when it was cold and rainy. I left it a little soupy and served it with hoe cakes. Very delicious , a good warmer upper on a cold wet night!

Hi Horselover,

What are hoe cakes? By the way, I am assuming by your screen name that you have horse or horses…I have two quarter horses…let’s talk.

When I make hoe cakes I usually just use my favorite cornbread batter only leave it a little thicker. I usually use cornmeal, flour , an egg and either milk or buttermilk. Sometimes I add chopped onions and a little garlic powder. When I want true southern hoe cakes I fry them in either bacon grease or butter ( better than cake to a southern girl) , but when I remember my doctors instructions I fry them on my electric griddle that has been sprayed with butter flavor spray. Yes I have 2 spotted walking horses both semi- retired except for an occasional trail ride, however I love all horses and spend the majority of my weekends at a horseshow of some kind, whether it be cutting horse competitions, walking or spotted horse shows or helping with the local 4-h and handicap riding events. As you probably know where you find horse people you find food! In the summer we tailgate at the shows, and trailrides mean homemade cookies stuck in saddlebags and usually end with a big pot of chili or stew cooked in a big black pot over a fire.

new to site;how do I get the recipe to beef-cabbage-rice dish?

Simmer for at least 30 minutes or longer. The longer you simmer the more tender the meat will be.Cover and simmer 30 minutes or until tender. Serve with rice, creamed potatoes, or biscuits.