Which of the following cuts of beef should be served will done and which can be eaten rare?

Rump Roast
Eye of Round
Bottom Round
Top Round

I know chuck steak/roast is best cooked long and slow like for a pot roast, right? Thanks, JJ

Good information

Like KW states it is a matter of preference. IMO the meats you list should never be cooked done. I think these should be cooked medium, because medium makes the meat to be more tender, juicy, and flavorful.

The only meat I prefer medium rare is a good steak, like a fillet, prime rib or a ribeye (I don’t like rere). Whenever I cook a whole rib to make prime rib I always cook the internal to rare. We eat the steaks on either end as they will be medium rare, and freeze the rest. When you warm them up from the freezer you end up with a medium rare steak.