Benefits of the Acai Berry

Benefits of the Acai Berry

For centuries, the acai berry has been used by locals who live all along the Amazon as a source of nutrition and healing. The antioxidant levels in this berry are incredibly high and it is also packed with a whole lot of vitamins and nutrients. Ever since it has gone beyond the borders of the areas where it was traditionally revered, the world has been amazed at just how much goodness is packed into each little fruit. Since the fruit came into the public eye just four short years ago, there is still a lot of research to be done before claims can be made with confidence. The thing however is that many who have tried it seem to be very happy with the results, never mind what ailments they used it for.

What the acai berry seems to have a really great potential for is its immune boosting action. The antioxidants in this fruit are so high – the highest apparently recorded for any berry. It is also supposed to have thirty times more antioxidant power than red wine. Its ORAC value or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is very high and this is a barometer of just how good it is in eliminating free radicals in the body.

There was a study done in Florida in 2006 where it was found that the acai berries could make leukemia cells self destruct. In fact, when these cells were tested in vitro, over 85% of the cells exhibited a self destruct response. Will what happened in the confines of a lab be able to work in real life to is the question. There are no answers yet but the way there seems promising for the acai berry.

Yet another area where the acai berry has satisfied users is in the area of weight loss. Good health and an optimum weight depend so much on good digestion. That is where the acai berry has been performing very well. It contains fiber so it makes the food pass through the colon very quickly without giving it a chance to slow down and invite the breeding of bacteria or the build up of toxins. It also helps in making sure that the calories burn much faster and this is turn causes weight loss. Together, these two characteristics make sure you are at your optimum, healthy weight.

This fruit also ensures healthy muscles and supplies them with just the nutrition they need to contract and expand well. It also helps them to regenerate so they do not go into an atrophied state. The complex amino acids and minerals present in the fruit are ideal to help keep your muscles in peak condition.

The acai berry is packed with nutrition. Vitamins abound – and you’ll find traces of A, C and E. You will also find all the trace minerals essential for good health as well as phytosterols to make sure your cardiovascular activity is at its best. Thanks to all this goodness, you’ll find that the fruit helps you work better and sleep better. You get the energy and the clarity of mind that you need for a good day’s work and it seems to keep the sleep hormones balanced as well so you don’t get stressed out to a point when you suffer from insomnia. What it adds up to is a wonder fruit and all it needs is for science and research to verify it.

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