Blackberry seeds in ice cream

I made some blackberry ice cream. The recipe didn’t say anything about straining out the seeds. Now I find the seeds annoying. Can I let the ice cream melt in the fridge, strain out the seed and put in back in the ice cream maker to re-freeze?

I could mail it to you; it would be sufficiently melted to strain the seeds.

As far as blackberries and raspberries as well I always considered seeds to be a part of it so there is no issue for me. Why not try blueberries?

I try many kinds of fruits. Those annoying little seeds get stuck in between teeth and under bridgework. Not fun!

Ice cream melted in the fridge, seeds strained out and re-processed in the machine - results= a smooth creamy ice cream without those annoying seeds. It worked! Next time I will stain out the seeds before processing.

Next time I will strain out the seeds before processing. Fool me once…