Body Parts Rule

Many,many years ago after Man was created, the parts of the body met to see who would rule the rest.

The Brain said," I give the rest of youthe guidance and power to do what is needed. I should be in charge!"

The Eyes said," We show the rest of you where to go and what is in front of you and make finding your way easy".

The arms said," We do all of the heavy lifting and carry things and throw things so you can gather food and do the needed work,We should be in charge.

The legs spoke up with," We carry the rest of you to where you need to go and away from danger.We should be in charge

The Rectum spoke up and said he should be in charge and the others ask him why. He said," Just because.I have as much right to be in charge as any of you!

The other parts of the body laughed at him, so the rectum spotted working. Before long the Brain got muddled, the Eyes blurry, the arms sore and the legs weak and buckled. They met again and made the rectum rule them.

That is why even today there are a lot of Rectums in Charge !


ROFL. Rectum attack! Please not at my direction.