Boiled chicken

Newbie here … i boil chicken breasts (approx 10 lbs at a time) and would like some lo-cal recipes that call for already cooked chicken … usually end up making a couple of soups and a million sandwiches … trying to lose weight: male … age 69 … and weigh 250 … 5’7" height … any info or advice would be helpful !!!

thanks in advance

leftover chicken can be fixed many different ways - try a nice big salad of greens topped with cooked chicken pieces - re-heat cooked chicken in BBQ sauce or any other sauce or gravy you want - with a nice white sauce you can add steamed veggies and have a great meal - dice cooked chicken (minus the skin) and make a nice chicken salad with mayo/salad dressing, chopped celery and you can use it as a sandwich filler or with Melba toast or crackers or as a wrap using lettuce leaves in place of tortillas - enjoy some chicken wraps using tortilla shells and fill with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, olives, salsa - make a big salad, top with chicken and use salsa in place of salad dressing - re-heat chicken pieces with teriyaki sauce and serve over cooked rice (or leftover rice) - before you boil your chicken, try grinding some to make chicken sausage patties that you can broil or bake using sausage spices - top cooked chicken breast with a slice of Italian cheese (mozzarella, provolone or an Italian blend) and top with your favorite spaghetti sauce or stewed tomatoes - dice chicken and use lettuce leaves as wraps and fill with cheese or olives or salsa, etc. - better than using too much bread

by adding a nice sauce you can do a lot

I hope this helps some.

you can make an easy sauce using a can of cream of something soup - celery, mushroom, chicken, potato, etc. and you can turn it into a casserole by add some cooked egg noodles or pasta and some veggies (canned, frozxen or fresh)

make a macaroni salad or a potato salad and add come diced chicken -

Let’s not forget, spicing it up, and using for pizza toppings.
And potpies are really quick and easy.
Yet I wonder…why not buy some small freezer bags a freeze part of that 10lbs. raw, instead of cooking it all at once ?

I’d have the onions, carrots, celery and spices in the water making soup stock at the same time.

Yo, Recipe Buddy,

At 69 you’d better be careful of what you do with your physiology since a change in your diet/metabolism may cost you somewhere else. Read this as talk to your care provider about your plan. I would start by adding a little exercise (e.g. sloooow walk a mile for instance - don’t start big). Watch what carbs you are eating. The sandwiches can’t be helping. Noticed that some of the advice included salads which are great ways to use the chicken. Also take a look at what kind and amounts of fat you are including in your diet. Look at non- or low- fat substitutes for some of the foods you like or eat a lot of. Remember it is also about calories. You can have 4000 calories of non-fat milk and still gain weight.

I totally agree about the simmering process. Protein (meat) should never be boiled. It also cooks very quickly. I’m not sure I’d cook 10 lbs at one time. Either buy smaller amounts or wrap & freeze if purchasing on sale & then thaw in frig & simmer.

You can easily shred (using 2 forks) a chicken breast & use it to make whole wheat enchiladas. Find a lo-sodium & lo-calorie enchilada sauce & mix shredded chicken in. Lay on a lo-cal whole wheat tortilla with some fat free cheese, roll, place in a pan with a small amount of sauce on the top. Heat till warm, top with a bit more cheese & serve. Very good.

Use the 100 cal bagels & layer a light pizza or tomato sauce on it, add shredded chicken & fresh mushrooms or other veg, again some Fat free moz cheese & pop in the oven briefly. When cold they can even be transported.

My all time favorite is to flatten a raw chicken breast & grill it outside. Cooks very quickly. Here we have a 35 calorie a slice whole wheat bread. Either toast it or have it plain & add that perfect chicken breast with a small amount of fat free mayo, lettuce & a tomato slice. Change it up & hae just the chicken breast with a few dill pickle slices.

There are so many easy simple things to do with chicken. Yes, soup is great, load it with veggies, you won’t even miss the noodles if the veggies are cooked perfectly. You could even start with some frozen veggies to save time.

Well chicken is very rich in protein, and if its boiled then you don’t need to add oil or any other ingredients to cook it. Chicken is a good source of vitamin B6. This vitamin is known to reduce the risk of heart disease and fats. Boiled chicken is also good in taste and you can eat more then other spicy chicken.