Bok Choy Recipe

Garlic Ginger Bok Choy

Bok choy is an Asian member of the cabbage family that has a mild flavor. It consists of long, thick, white stalks, topped by intensely blue-green leaves. Bok choy is a familiar vegetable in Chinese restaurants, where it appears in won ton soup and many stir-fried dishes.

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How to make chicken bok choy:

* For the chicken :cut the boneless chicken into cubes.
* marinate it with ginger paste, light soya sauce, egg, cornflour, and oil and keep it aside.
* For the Bok Choy :boil the bok choy with oil and salt, in a vessel for a few minutes.
* drain properly and keep the bok choy aside.
* heat oil in a wok on a high flake.
* add the marinated chicken pieces along with dark soya sauce, chopped garlic and chilli and salt.
* toss wel and stir fryfor three minutes.
* add rice wine and remove from fire.
* place the chicken pieces over the bok choi and serve hot.

Hi. First of all, thanks for sharing. Quick question.

" For the Bok Choy :boil the bok choy with oil and salt, in a vessel for a few minutes."

Can you point out rough numbers here?

looking good,your video is awesome.Thanks for sharing stunning video ,this video increase my knowledge.Your information very helpful for me.

I tried this recipe and it came out really well. Good tasting and healthy! Thank you!