Bonefish Bang Bang Shrimp

1 lb Medium Shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs
1/2 Cup Corn Starch
shredded cabbage (optional)
scallions (optional)
1 TBSP or to Taste Dinni’s Select Spicy Shrimp Sauce

Soak shrimp in bowl with milk.
In a bowl put panko bread crumbs and another bowl put corn starch. Dredge the shrimp in the corn starch, then again in the milk and finally in the panko bread crumbs & set aside.
Heat a large skillet to 300 degrees F. Drop shrimp in and fry until golden brown. Remove from oil. Drain fried shrimp on paper towels.
In a large bowl combine fried shrimp with sauce until evenly coated. Pile on a bed of shredded cabbage and garnish with scallions.

[b]Thanks for the post.

This is the first Accurate Knockoff I have come across. I had been trying to duplicate the Bang Bang Shrimp for a long time.

God Bless.[/b]

I am a corporate chef for a restaurant chain, I had been trying to duplicate the Bonfish’s Bang Bang Shrimp, we had tried the recipe containing mayonnaise & Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce but it did not taste like Boonefish at all. After reading this and some others posts on the net I ordered the Dinni’s Spicy Shrimp Sauce, which UPS delivered it last week.

By just sniffing the bottle I think this may be the correct sauce. We will know Monday for sure when we are going to have a ‘Blind Tasting’ by our expert taste panel.

Wish me Luck. I will update this post after the tasting

Result of our blind tasting is that this is the best copy of Bonefish Grill’s Bang bang Shrimp our expert panel has ever tasted

Does anyone have a recipe for Dinni’s Spicy Shrimp Sauce? I am in Thailand and shipping to here is extremely expensive.

Yep, It is very good. I am also in the restaurant business and for the last 2 years I had unsuccessfully been trying to come up with a recipe of Dinni’s Select Spicy Shrimp Sauce, I have tried every possible ingredient tying to knock it, but nothing has worked.
There are some recipes floating on the internet using mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce but that does not have the same fresh flavor and the end result is nothing like the Dinni’s product so don’t waste you money & time on them.
I wish Dinni’s would have this product in Sysco or in some other Food Service

Last Christmas I gifted an assortment of Dinni’s Sauce, at $5.0 a bottle they were perfect for my budget, judging by the quality my friends thought I had spent at least ten dollars or more per bottle. :lol:

what is the receipe for dinni’s sauce

You can contact the company for sauce in question and this recipe and other recipes. :smiley:

No URL is showing

I want to make the sauce myself, not purchase it. As I said, shipping to Thailand is expensive.

BINGO! Thanks for the post.
I tried it yesterday and my family loved it so much that we ran out of fresh shrimp so I used frozen breaded shrimp from Kroger. That was pretty tasty also.

Thanks you so much for the recipe, it is exactly what the Doctor ordered. I cooked it this week end, the taste reminded me of being in Florida eating in a Bonefish. I had to use a tiny bit of sauce, just enough to very lightly coat the shrimp and it had the right amount of kick for me. Also thanks to the poster who suggested using this for Christmas Gift, at five bucks its a steal.

How did you get this recipe? what a copy! I love it.

Another good post suggesting it for inexpensive Christmas gift. To my extended clan I will give a different flavor to family, then they can tell me how each flavor tastes, weather its a thumps up or thrums down.:smiley:

This post has cut the chase. It is a exactly like Bonefish Grills Bang Bang Shrimp. I cooked it for my girl friend, now she thinks I am Pro Chef. I only ordered 1 jar or the Dinni’s Spicy Shrimp Sauce and met the 3 jar minimum by buying a jar of Dinni’s Mesquite Barbecue Sauce and one Italian Herb Vinaigrette. I must say I have never tasted a barbecue sauce like this, the sauce tasted like the barbecue itself though there is no meat in the sauce.
Help please, would some one give any suggestions for using the Italian Herb Vinaigrette, it seems like it has become slight greenish with the Italian herbs, it is also has a hint of sweetness

Can someone who had purchased this sauce post the ingredients listed on the bottle so I can try to duplicate it?

[b][FONT=“Lucida Console”]Wow! Thanks Honey for the post.
It is really really close, I can’t believe its so close!,

Like another poster I will also use different sauces for gift giving this christmas, it is perfect gift for five dollars, specially for under-employed person like me who has 50 no good relatives to please on a limited budget. My mother in law gets the Hot Sauce with Cilantro cause she can’t stand no heat. Ha Ha. [/b][/FONT]

Right off the label from their homesite! dennisselect :wink:

Ingredients for Dinni Spicy Shrimp Sauce Same Flavor- new name for fried shrimp

soybean oil eggs distilled vinegar, water , lemon juice from concentrate, mustar, modiried, corn starch, spices, sugar, salt ,onion, garlic, xanthan, natural & artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate EDTA, Allergen: eggs, Made in a facility where eggs, dairy, wheat, fish, nuts & other allergens are processed

Refrigerate after opening

Thanks Salem & KW. Amazingly, I have the ingredients in my fridge now. Sriracha sauce is made just a couple of miles from here in the city of, guess what?, Sriracha.

I am certain I will since I like mayo, Thai sweet chili sauce and Sriracha sauce. I will try it in a week or two.

I would try 1/2 mayo and 1/2 sour cream with other ingredients for a smoother texuture.


if using 1 c. mayo use 3/4 c. mayo and 1/4 c. sour cream with the ingredients. :wink: