Boston Pizza's Sombero Pizza

Hi all, I’m Lana and I’m from British Columbia.

About 15 years ago Boston Pizza made a Sombero Pizza, I’ve looked for a recipe for it but can’t find one. Anyone?

I bought the America’s Most Wanted Recipes cookbook, tried a couple recipes so far and they are great! It’s what led me to this site.

I’m Da and i’m from Green Mango
I’m Chef . i’ll share my recipes pizza for you .
flour ; 1kg
yeast : 15g
salt : 15 g
sugar : 10 g
olive oil : 1 tbspoon

Hi Lana
BP Sombrero pizza
Pizza dough, refried beans, mozzarella cheese.
Cook in the oven (doesn’t take long watch for browning of the dough)
When out of the oven put chopped lettuce, then diced tomato, cheddar cheese. Serve.
When I worked there in the 1980’s for staff lunch sometimes used spaghetti meat sauce instead of refried beans.
Crazy, just made one for dinner tonight.
Enjoy, Paul.