bottle seal cap for preserving food vegies,fish, etc...

let talk about lobster boil for 12 minutes, saperated from the shell into a bottle for seal it boil for 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours, look at the fact lobster overcook, cant someone help me out with this or are they a better way !

help would be appreciated

thank i’m inpress of the answer i received, the lobster it will be frozen for sure, million of thank have a great season and best wishes

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hi there. i just want to know the right length of time and temperature when using a pressure canner for sauteed shrimp paste in 250g. thanks a lot. hope i can get a response

Maybe someone knows the answer to this.

When canning Lobster would it be safe to add something like Lemon juice (an acid) or a bit of vinegar to the lobster before pressure canning.

Im thinking by raising the acid level you can prevent the toxins from growing.