bread machine

I bought a Food Network bread machine and the bread is not coming out right. I have searched for a way to contact some form of support, but they don’t seem to offer it.

My bread machine basic setting defaults to 3 hours, which seems to me to be too short.

Even using recipe from the manual, and also using other bread machine recipes, the bread does not rise properly and a 2 lb loaf comes out about the size of a 1 lb loaf, and too dense. I have tried 5 loaves and only one of them came out sort of OK.

Any advice or pointers to where I should look for info?

Thanks much

Wow… you’re a real expert on the Bread Making! I’m still chugging along with mine… following the manufacturer’s instructions… and it’s all fine so far. But I do want to get a little bit adventurous and try some more exotic bread recipes. I’m going to try one of these this week-end. probably the Sourdough one…

Wish me luck! Lol!