Brie Phyllo Bundles

A few years ago, my niece from Toronto came home for Christmas.
She made the following appetizer, and it was absolutely delicious. It was
the first time that I tasted Brie cheese. I don’t know the exact cooking time or exact amount of ingredients for the sauce and brittle. But it goes something like this.

4-inch strips of phyllo
nut brittle, made with crushed nuts
cranberry sauce, canned
red Cabernet Sauvignon
brie cheese

She buttered and arranged strips of phyllo flat on counter, edges overlapping to form a big circle.

In middle of circle, put pieces of nut brittle, top with cube of brie cheese.
Bring up phyllo at the half way mark to make a “pouch” or “bundle” (hope you understand this part…lol).

Place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake until golden brown and cheese is melted.

To make sauce, she combined the cranberry sauce, cabernet sauvignon and a little butter.

She quickly microwaved the bundles to ensure that cheese was melted (not sure if this step was necessary).

To serve: place bundle on dessert plate and drizzle sauce all around it.

This dish had all the elements of taste: crispiness (phyllo), then into rich creamy texture (brie), into crunchy (nut brittle), and finished off with a sweet yet tangy flavour (sauce). Absolutely awesome and rich!

Now, if someone wants to try this dish and let us know the exact cooking time and measurements/technique to make the sauce, I would probably be tempted to go out and buy the ingredients to make it myself LOL