Buttermilk Sourdough Bread

Buttermilk Sourdough Bread

[i]This makes a really sour sourdough bread boulie, with tender crumb using cultured buttermilk as the only hydration. To make it extra sour, add the optional citric acid.

I made Buttermilk Sourdough bread, thinking, why not use
buttermilk as the only hydration, it should contribute to a more
sour loaf than just plain water.

I made a sourdough bread boulie, with tender crumb, using cultured buttermilk as the only hydration. I used a regular sourdough starter (Oregon Trail) not a buttermilk starter. It turned out really sour with the help of 1/4 tsp of citric acid, almost too sour.

I also used a stainless steel mixing bowl as a rising and baking pan. It shapes the loaf into a nice boule. If the dough is a little wet, the bowl helps the loaf maintain its shape. I’ve had sourdough spread out in the past, this method seems to be more forgiving, making a nicely shaped boule loaf. The dough took about 18 hours to double in size.

I’m really happy with how this turned out and will be making this again in the future. Next time I will leave out the citric acid and see how sour it is without it.[/i]


1/2 cup (135 g) sourdough starter (100 % hydration) (I use Oregon Trail Starter**)
1 cup (245 g) cultured buttermilk
1 1/2 (9.1 g) teaspoons table salt
1/4 tsp (1.5 g) citric acid (optional)
3 1/4 cups (406 g) all-purpose flour
1/2 cup (60 g) whole wheat flour


Add ingredients to bread machine.

Select DOUGH CYCLE and press START.

Allow kneading cycle to complete. Remove dough from machine.

Place in greased stainless steel mixing bowl forming a dough ball, cover and allow to rise about 12 to 18 hours, until it is doubled in size.

Bake in uncovered stainless steel bowl, at 350-F for 60-minutes or until center of bread reaches 200-F.

Makes one 1 1/2 pound loaf

*100 % hydration sourdough starter is an equal weight of water added to an equal weight of flour. By volume it is 1/2 cup of water added to 1 cup of flour.

**You can get a free dried sourdough starter at Carlsfriends.net, for a self-addressed stamped envelope.