Can you help me make tomato soup?

I would like assistance in making a healthy tomato soup without sugar, dairy, and all the chems that come with the stuff in a can. I know someone out there knows how to make it. Please share. :confused:

Not me ! I hate tomato soup. Funny huh, coz I love all other tomatoes.
Anyways, I’m sure you’ll get your answer soon. Or try typing ‘tomato soup’ into the search box. Gotta be tons there, I would think.:cool:
But did ya’ know, that canned tomatoes have much higher levels of lycopene, than the current genetically altered tomatoes that are fresh in store ?
Unless ya’ get fresh heirlooms, then I envy you. :wink:

I love homemade tomato soup, but it has to have milk for my taste.

I like to add roasted red peppers and sometimes red chilies (small amount) to mines. Gives it a much nicer taste IMO.

Sometimes I’ll even do tomato, carrot, red pepper. Yum.

Thanks! for the above tomato soup recipes. It’s very easy to cook this