Canning Tips

Canning Tips

  • Choose only perfect produce. Overripe or damaged fruits and
    vegetables are more prone to spoilage.

  • Your jars, lids and sealing rings should be in good condition and
    sterile (washed and scalded).

  • Wash your produce thoroughly before processing.

  • Know your produce. Be sure to use the correct time, temperature and
    method of processing for the food you will be canning.

  • After canning, check the seal on every jar to make sure they are
    air tight - when you push down on a self-sealing lid, it should
    stay down. Test porcelain lids by turning the jars upside down. If
    you see a stream of tiny air bubbles, the seal is not air tight.

  • Don’t use foods from any jar that has a foamy or discolored
    appearance. Watch for bulging or misshapen lids and leaking rims.
    Throw those jars away.

  • Home canned vegetables should be boiled before they are served
    (with the exception of tomatoes).

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