I feel like I am trying to learn a dying art…but I don’t see a section for canning recipes on these forums. Does anyone still can anymore?

  • Arachnid

Your local extention service is the best place to look for canning recipes.
These sites have the latest and greatest available.

Some older methods of canning are not safe, yes folks survived for years using them , but many folks got sick or died too!

Check with your local university’s extention service for the best.

I currently have the ball blue book of canning as well as a couple of other books. I wasn’t looking for any recipe in particular. I typically just browse until something looks good and I give it a try. For instance, the next batch I can will be “Corn Relish”. Other than that …thanks for your responses.

I am going to bump this…Just to repeat arachnid’s question. Do you have a specific grouping w/in this forum where you will find canning recipes? Or do you all typically put your canning recipes under the General chat section? I have done the search and found great recipes so far…just curious if there was a specific forum designated for Canning recipes.