Caramelicious Brownies

Caramelicious Brownies

1 (19 to 20 oz) pkg. Fudge Brownie Mix
1/2 c. oil
1/4 c. water
2 eggs

Heat oven to 350

Grease or spray bottom of 9x13 glass baking dish.

In large bowl, combine all ingredients; beat 50 strokes with spoon. Do no undermix. Spread in greased pan. Bake for 31-33 minutes.


20 vanilla caramels, unwrapped
3 tbsp. milk
1/2 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips
chopped nuts

In small saucepan, over med-low heat, melt caramels with milk, stir occasionally until smooth. Keep warm.

Immediately after removing brownies from oven, sprinkle with chocolate chips and nuts. Drizzle with hot caramel mixture.
Cool 1 hour or until completely cooled.

Cut into bars

Makes 24 bars