Ceramic non stick griddles. Good idea, or stick with cast iron ?

I’ve been thinking about trying out a George Foreman Hot Zone Griddle GR2015G Electric Griddle Top Healthy Cooking , seeing how it goes since I hate how heavy cast iron is. (But love how it cooks).

Would this get me back in the grilling in home, but without the heaviness ? Or should I try a different one ? Or forget it all together and keep on making someone do the heavy lifting ?

The one thing I’ve noticed during the infomercails, is they don’t talk about how too high a temp might affect the ceramic ?

I don’t think ceramic is made to take the high heat ya’ can get for grilling a steak that the cast iron does so well.

Still, I’ve not gotten a ceramic fry pan yet. It looks like it should be pretty good in the non-stick dept. Time will tell.

Cast iron tends to flake on me too , new Lodge Logic products. It gives me an “ehh…” feeling , all though they are supposed to be ‘harmless’.

I have been thinking of and wondering about ceramic cookware also - my hubby likes cast iron but I am intrigued by the ceramic but don’t know how it would wear. Guess I should just get one and try it. :slight_smile:

Mary G.