Charbroiled Mahi Mahi

My wife and I where out to eat and I ordered the special which was Charbroiled Mahi Mahi. The dish was FANTASTIC. The Mahi Mahi tasted just like a New York Strip steak.

My question is how did they get the Mahi Mahi to taste like a steak and could this be done with other types of fish?

Well Kitchen Witch, I know beef. I know it well and this Mahi Mahi tasted exactly like New York strip. It is very possible to get fish to taste like “Charbroiled” beef through cold smoking or liquid smoke. The question is what type of wood or type of liquid smoke was used. Are you a “Maser Chef” or does this website give you that title when you reach a certain number of posts???

Sorry, your reply has attitude and implies I’m an idiot I don’t know what I’m talking about. Watch the number of question marks and periods. To many of each mkes you a kitchen b**ch not a kitchen witch.