Cheesecake Factory Lemoncello Cream Torte

Cheesecake Factory Lemoncello Cream Torte

Layers of Vanilla Cake and Lemon Mascarpone Cream Topped with Streusel and Served with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

“I work at the Cheesecake Factory, but all of our cheesecakes and desserts come frozen from factories in california and north carolina. i am a huge fan of the lemoncello, so i made up my own (shortcut) version. i hope this helps…”


1 box (2-layer size) yellow cake mix

Bake in a springform pan. Let cool, then slice into 3 layers. (If you want it to look like the C.F.'s, slice it into 2 layers, and use ladyfingers for the middle layer).

Optional: lightly soak layers in limoncello. (I soak everything in booze - so good!)

1 (3 ounce) package sugar-free lemon gelatin 1 cup boiling water 1 (8
ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 (13
ounce) can milnot (evaporated milk), whipped **

Dissolve gelatin in water. Chill until thick, but not set.

Cream cheese and vanilla extract together. Blend in gelatin.

Whip chilled milnot and fold into the gelatin mixture.

HERE’S THE FUN PART: Put a layer of cake back into the bottom of the
springform pan. Pour about a half inch (or just a little more) of the lemon
creme mixture over the top of this layer.

Layer either the next layer of cake or the ladyfingers. if you’re using
ladyfingers for the more authentic C.F. look, just arrange them in a circle
in the middle of the cake).

Pour in more of the lemon creme mixture (the same amount as before).

Place the last cake layer on top.

The cake will have to set for a few hours in the fridge.

FOR THE FROSTING: I just mixed a little lemon juice and water with powdered
sugar to a thick pouring consistency, and spread it on the cake.

FOR THE CRUNCH TOPPING: I coarsely chopped (beat with a rolling pin in a
ziplock bag) some “nilla” wafers, then covered the cake with the cookie
pieces. I had some frosting left over, so I thinned it with a little water
(to a glaze consistency), and drizzled it on top of the cake.

Keep it refrigerated.

Also, I don’t think they use limoncello in the actual cake, but I’m not

**Milot is a brand name of canned milks. The company makes evaporated milk, fat free evaporated skim milk, and sweetened condensed milk. Since the
recipe calls for the Milot to be whipped, it is referring to the evaporated

Source: Secret Recipes