As a kid (5-6yo), I remember often having chestnuts. Yet, as the years passed, it was decades before I had them again. Which within is where the question of how to cook them arose.
So there I was, with a bag of about a pound of chestnuts, and no idea of how we used to cook them. So I remember the lyrics, “roasting chestnuts”, ergo that’s the way I went. Placing 7 chestnuts on a shallow pan to roast in a 400F oven.
hahahahaha…well this was the funniest thing ya’ ever saw…I heard one or two ‘pops’ before I figured out it was the oven. A third occurred as I opened the oven door. Yellow-white powder coated the oven walls and racks. So I quickly grabbed out the pan with the remaining three unexploded chestnuts, and put it on the stove top, where they each exploded, thus coating my curtains, walls, etc.
Since, I’ve learned; If your gonna roast a chestnut, you must slice an opening in the shell. And they can also be boiled, or even eaten raw. If fact, if you’re reading this, ya’ must have a puter, thus I suggest doing a search.
I have, and I’m so surprized at what a super food chestnuts truly are.
Well worth the search info ya’ get…

Humans may be one of the first food eaten chestnut dating back to prehistoric times. Chestnut trees, chestnut rice, was first introduced into Europe through Greece. The company currently chestnut trees found in the United States, most of the local European stock, but native American varieties of the United States itself, Li tooth, early European immigrants to the United States introduced their stock banquet.