Chewy Steaks

Hi all. Can someone tell me why my steaks are always coming out chewy?
I had approx 1/2" thick steaks, marinated overnight, allowed to come to room temp. Grilled 6 minutes per side, allowed to rest for 10 minutes, and my son tells me the steaks are chewy. I’m about ready to give up. How do I make them fork tender.

Oh. I also have some pork cutlets approx 1/4" thick. How would I grill these so they don’t end up as hockey pucks.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the info. I just got 3 fat Strip Steaks. Wish me luck.

O.K. I get to grill the steaks today after work. Dumb question. You’re not supposed to use a fork because you do not want to pierce the steak. So how do you use a instant read thermometer? I just bought one last night and it does have a 6" probe on it that supposedly gets stuck in the steak to check temperature. ???

From what I’ve read, your info and all over the web, I’m planning 5 minutes per side direct heat, then 3 minutes per side, indirect heat (twice). Total grilling time of 22 minutes. Hopefully ending up with 145F for mediun well done.

The pro’s and con’s of salting before grilling, is unbelievable. I have some rosemary flavored sea salt I plan on trying, along with a Basalmic vineagar rub about 30-45 minutes before grilling.

I’ll let you know how it went Saturday.

Steaks turned out somewhere between OMG and awesome. Of course, I changed everything at the last minute. I stopped and got some fresh peppercorns on the way home. “marinated” the steaks in Woostershire sauce, rosemary flavored SeaSalt and fresh cracked peppercorns. Let that sit on the counter while I made the side dishes first. Got the grill hot. When the grill was ready, I turned down the right side to low and threw the steaks on the hot side. 2 minutes per side with the lid open. (Got the nice grill marks.) Then over to the cooler side. 3 minutes per side with the lid closed. total cooking time of 22 minutes. First steak I checked hit 163F and climbing. Took them off the grill. Gave then all a pat of butter, covered with foil for 5 minutes.

I have never had anything so juicy or tender before off the grill. My son ate a whole steak. Now, if I can do this again. I got London Broil in the fridge waiting for me.

I typed out a very looong and detailed reply to this thread but I decided it might be more useful if I posted it in the, “Cooking Tips” forum. So, please check out the thread entitled, “How To Avoid A Bad Steak” Thanks.


It was great to hear about your experience marmaduke, and all the advice given by everyone here, and i am glad to hear success :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m way late here. 1/2" thick steaks, 6 minutes per side, I’m guessing you like them well done. I’ve read further down in this thread that the steak you cooked that was great was 164*? Thats well past well done for me. Just my opinon but I like mine rare to med. rare at best. I’ve started cooking my steaks a little different. I do a reverse sear which is cook it indirect until it hits 95 - 100*. Take the steak off the grill, crank the heat up as high as it will go, then sear/finish cooking the steak. It will give a more consistant cook throughout the steak and really sear in the juices. If your steaks are only 1/2" tick, this might be hard to do. As for your pork chops, 1/4" thick will do better in a frying pan than on the grill. If you can get them thicker, try brining them first, then grilling. They will come out juicie everytime. Also, don’t grill them past 145*, they are gaurunteed to be tough past that point.