Chi Chi's "El Grande Burro" recipe

We no longer have a Chi Chi’s restaurant in our area. They had an item called the “El Grande Burro” It was of course a burrito, but what a burrito, and with the sauce on top (a reddish/brown sauce) and melted cheese, it was one of my comfort foods! Does anyone have the recipe? I always got the beef.

Just wanted to put in another plug for Chi Chi’s “El Grande Burro” recipe. Any new members that might know a copycat? I use Chi Chi’s seasoning mix in the meat, it’s a very good seasoning, but it’s the sauce that’s got me. I use a commercial enchilada sauce, but it’s not the same. Help!

Possibly this one: Chi-Chi’s Twice Grilled Barbecue Burrito Recipe

and here is a link to more copycat recipes:
Copycat Recipes

Thanks, but not close to what i’m looking for.

I remember the El Grande Burro well…I have searched and never found the recipe. My friend and I used to order El Grande Burros, and top them with Chile Con Queso.

All the Chi Chi’s closed in the US when the company went bankrupt after a huge hepatitis A outbreak, the largest ever in the US.

I have heard that there are still Chi Chi’s restaurants in Belgium, and they still use the original recipes.

I loved Chi Chi’s, it was always my favorite restaurant. I think I have (close) to what you are looking for. Hormel does make a beef seasoning with the Chi-Chi’s label. It is pretty close to the original. Perhaps just slightly off. You’d really have to know the Chi-Chi’s taste to tell it. Unfortunately many of us do. I put that in my meet along with what other things I remember (the dreaded chives that caused the outbreak) I also add Hormels ORIGINAL chi Chi’s Salsa into my meat. NOT the thick and Chunky, it has too much Tomato. Now before you guys get started, I know it isn’t really the same as the real chi Chi’s salsa, it is a reasonable facsimile. Some of you already have made your own salsa recipes anyway. The salsa IS the reddish brown sauce. After browning the meat and seasoning mixture and adding the familiar inside ingredients. I roll it into a chi Chi’s flower Tortilia and put it in the baking pan I then burch some of the salsa over the burritos (I actually ad a bit more than chi Chi’s did. I then add shredded cheese and bake it until I see the reddish brown appearance that is so familiar. Serve with corn cakes refried beans and rice. (Brown rice with salsa mixed in) like I said, it is not exact, but I think it is as close as we’re ever likely to get. I always loved this dish. A little tear for them. Alas, my poor Chi-Chi’s.

Years ago, when Chi Chi’s was still in business, I cloned this recipe. At the time, I was able to taste test against the real thing. To me, the “Ranchero Sauce”, was the easiest part. One can of red enchilada sauce mixed with one can of beef broth. I thought it was pretty dead on at the time.