Chicken Livers & Rice

Hi Guys
Here is a recipe I use to make my chicken Livers I start with it a day before to put it into a marinate to make them more juicy .

Marinate :
250 ml Full Cream Milk
250 ml Mild Chuckney ( Mrs’s Balls )
1 Tea spoon Green Onion Salt
1 Tea Spoon BBQ Spices
2 Tea Spoons Aromate
1/4 Tea spoon of Peri Peri Spices ( Hot Chilly )
(Keep refrigerated 24 Hours )

800 grams of Chicken livers
1 Union Finely Chopped
1 Tea Spoon Garlic
Enough Oil to cover the base of the pan you use ( I used Garlic butter 1/4 of a 500 gram block )
Pinch of Curry Powder

Heat Pan on medium Heat add the butter ( oil ) Onion & Garlic with some BBQ Spices & a Pinch of Curry Powder . Fry until unions start to brown , add the livers , fry for plus minus 10 minutes and then add the marinate cook for a hour .

Put the rice on a plate and add livers ontop of the rice with sauce and enjoy :cool: