Chicken Tortilla Bake

1 lb of chicken, cut up seasoned and cooked (reserve all liquid by cooking with lid on)
Onion, diced & caramelized

1 can each chicken & beef broth (little red wine makes broth richer)
2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup
2 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 small cans green chilies
Opt (2 T applesauce)

Package of flour or corn tortillas

Cheddar Cheese

Optional Ingredients:
Black or Green Olives
Fresh Cilantro on each level
Vegetables: corn or broccoli

Caramelize the onions.
Season meat with (Calvendar’s Greek Seasonings & Spike).
Add chicken to the caramelized onions.
Brown chicken in Chinese hot stir fry sauce with lid. Cook until tender. Reserve any liquid.

Mix the broths, soup’s, apple sauce & chilies, set a side the soup mixture.

Spray Crisco or Pam in bottom of a large oblong deep dish pan.

You will layer this dish like lasagna:

Layer: solid single layer of tortillas
soup mixture
chicken mixture
any of the optional ingredients
Repeat layers until all is used up.