Chilli Chicken Recipe - South Indian Style

Chilli Chicken is very popular in South India now. The dish is very spicy and yummy…It can be served with plain rice/fried rice or chappati/porotta.

Recipe Ingredients

1.Chicken cut into cubes-1 lb
2. white or yellow onion-1 no: cut into wedges
3.Red and green bell pepper-2 nos each
4.Chicken/Veg Boulllion-1/2 a cube (Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cubes)
5.Soy sauce-4 tblsp
6.Chilli sauce-2 tblsp(or as u prefer)
7.Tomato sauce-3 tblsp.
8.Cornstarch-2 tblsp
9.Corn Flour-4 tblsp
11.Salt-as reqd
12.Chilli powder-3 tsp(having good red color)
13.Oil for deep frying…
14.Celery-1 to 2 stems(i luv to use more of it-ur choice)
15.Use Spring onions/Cilantro to decorate…
16.Ginger and Garlic chopped-3 tsp each.


1.In a bowl mix together corn flour,egg,chilli powder,1 tblsp soy sauce.
2.Cut and clean the chicken in salt water/curd.
3.Marinate the chicken with the mixture in step 1.
4.Deep fry the chicken pieces until they are golden brown.
5.Take another pan,pour 2-3 tblsp of oil from the oil used for frying gopi.
6.Saute ginger and garlic for 5 mins.
7.Then put Onions,bell pepper and celery.Saute for 6 mins.
8.Pour 4 tblsp of water and put the veg/chicken boullion to it.Mix well.
9.Then add all the 3 sauces to it…Mix well.
10.Add the fried chicken pieces to it.Combine.
11.Mix cornstarch in 4tblsp water and pour into the chicken mixture.Combine well.
12.Adjust the gravy to ur choice…(Heat more time for less gravy).

Serve Hot!!!

Tresa Augustine