Chipotle Recipies

Hello my fellow secret recipies cooks. My name is Laurel and I have just been on this site for a month or two. I have tried a few of the recipes and let me tell you straight on, the listings for Chipotle are about as accurate as can be. I have a friend whom works for the resturant chain and he said the recipes were very close. Due to a confidentially clause, he couldn’t tell me what is spot on, and what isn’t - so we let our taste buds decide.

The corn salsa - the site recipie was better than the resturant
the chicken marinate - very close taste to the chicken in the resturant.
The lime / rice recipie - again, very close to the resturant. I think the recipie on the site needs a bit more cilantro and a bit more lime and it would be spot on.

We did this experiment on the fly. Next time we do it; and I’m sure we will, we will allow flavor melding of atleast 8-10 hours. I think by then, it will be very close if not exactly like the resturant chain.

enjoy Chipotle recipies with confidence. They are way yummy… :smiley:

need recipe for new england baked fish from Fish Daddys restaurant

Chipotle Raspberry Turkey Breast is the best recipe and sugar soothes and spice excites, a contrast the allure of this lightly smoky, slightly sweet roasted turkey breast. There are other more but I like it more than others.

where’s the recipe?

Chipotle Salsa de Nuevo Mexico

Here’s a ‘heavy’ dipping salsa for the winter. It’s good with a moderately hot flavor. Stupidly simple (I make it a lot).

6 or 8 oz. can of chipotle en adobo
15 oz. can of whole tomatoes

Zoom in blender. Add salt to taste. (I like a touch of white pepper and lemon zest as well). Enjoy and make sure that all the guests have ‘cloth’ napkins because profuse sweating is common! :smiley:

bil from NM

corn chowder with chipotle

4 ears of corn – cut the kernels from them raw and save the cobs)

Take a Tbs of oil (I like corn oil) and saute up 1 minces yellow onion, 3 toes of garlic, and a Tbs of chipotle powder. After 3-4 min. throw in the corn and the cobs. Bring up to a boil (3-4 min.) Toss in 6 cps. of chicken stock and cook for 30 min.

In the meanwhile, roast a red bell pepper over a flame til charred. Peel, deseed, and toss into a blender with .5 cps cream. Puree and strain. into chowder pot.

Before serving, add 1 cp. heavy cream and stir.

The chowder rocks; really good in the fall.

Bil from NM
1.5 cps of cream

Lots of people seem to really like the ramen soup packettes, except that it is far too salty for most people. I’ve found that by adding an extra cup of water to make 3 cups, then bringing it to a boil for 7 to 10 minutes with one or two chopped carrots and one
chopped potato and maybe a little onion before adding the noodles and seasoning it is
soooo much more appealing