Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

This is my 12 year old sons favorite snack. If I don’t watch him, he will eat the whole thing. :smiley:

Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

2 (8-oz.) pkgs. cream cheese, room temp.
1 jar dried beef
1 small bunch green onion
1 tsp. Accent seasoning

Cut up dried beef and green onions into small bits. Mix into cream cheese. Mix in the Accent seasoning. Pat into a ball. This is best made a day ahead and refrigerated. Let it come to room temperature and it will spread easily.

Hello Lisa Jo Cook, yes I love this recipe, try it on those chicken crackers, and your sons will have to fight you for it. Another way to do similar is use cream cheese and cut up shrimp, the small ones, with a
green onion and then pour cocktail sauce over the top, we have both
for parties and they are a hit, thank you for reminding me, next time me and my friends play poker I am going to fix them…

Hi Lisajocook

I make this when we go to tail gate parties etc and it gets eaten so fast that I learn to make two. I got the recipe from a co worker who made it for a work gathering. It is the best. Thanks for posting this.