Chocolate Chip Pizza Recipe

Hi everyone. I’ve been a member for a while and love reading this board. This is my first time posting though. I’m hoping someone can give me some help.

For a while I’ve been trying to recreate the recipe for a chocolate chip pizza that a couple of pizza places around here have. Not being very successful though. I’ve spoken to the manager of one of the restaurants and he said to get close to the original to use these ingredients:

  • yellow cake mix.
  • a lot of margarine
  • a bit of brown sugar
  • pizza crust
  • chocolate chip
    Their pizza is very sweet and crumbly. The topping crumbles and falls apart very easily. It looks like this:

Mine turns out very gooey and almost like a gel on the top. It looks like this:

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get it to where it will be like the one they make in the restaurants? Thanks in advance for any help you all offer.

Hi Pettercotton,

what steps are you doing? it’s all about how you use these ingredients that will get you the end result that you’re looking for. I may be able to help… How are you using the cake mix? did the restaurant manager give you the whole recipe or just the ingredients?

He didn’t give me the whole recipe, just the ingredients. So I got online and looked to see if I could find a way of baking it. The recipe I tried for this one was:
-mix cake mix according to box. (cake mix, egg and 1/2 cup water)
-add in 1/3 cup brown sugar.
-cover pizza crust with melt butter.
-put mix on top of buttered pizza crust.
-top with chocolate chips.
I’ve tried several other recipes that use variations on this recipe, but they don’t turn out right either. Something’s keeping the topping from having a crumbling effect.

ok try this.

mix the margerine with the cake mix and brown sugar, until it resembles a crumble like texture, food procesor is the fastest way to do this, or you can use a fork to work in the margerine, I would start with one stick of margerine, then add more if needed. Baisically what your doing is make a sort of strusel toping, like you would find on a pie. try not to over mix it, you want it to look slightly dry, but should clump together when you sqeeze it with your fingers.

If your using store bought pizza dough, make sure the dough itself has good flavor or it will taste off. You can always make your own very easily, if your not doing so already.

lay out your pizza dough, sprinkle on the cake mix crumb mixture, and then add the chocolate chips.

Please let me know if this works out for you.

how much melted butter are you using? you only need a light brushing of it - it looks like the cake mix is combined with the margarine and brown sugar to make dry crumbs for the topping instead of making the batter with it

Last night I tried the directions Bella21 gave me. It still turned out too much like a batter; not crumbly. I just don’t see why they say it has a lot of butter in it. I used the one stick, as usual, and it was still way too much butter. Probably half a stick or a fourth of a stick would have done better.

Thanks for the help everyone. This thing has me so frustrated I’m going to stop trying to make it for a while. Maybe try again in a couple of weeks.

try making dry crumbs from the cake mix - that may do it

Kitchen witch is right… Use the cake mix dry and use small cubes of butter or margarine to dot the top of it. Or stick with brushing the pizza dough with the butter then lay on the dry cake mix. So, here are two more options when you feel up to trying it again. I may even try it myself!

another thing - what size cake mix are you using?
try using Jiffy mix - aone layer cake instead of a two layer cake

Did anyone figure this out yet? I really want to make one of these for a friend who loves the one from Pizza Inn that looks identical to the picture, but I have limited time to experiment. I would love it if someone could let me know if they got it to work.

Petercotton ,Your idea is good. I think you need help for any other recipes .
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OK people…I just made this last night. I too LOVE the Pizza Inn CCPizza and this is pretty durn close!

1 can Pillsbury THIN Pizza Crust Mix-spread out in jelly-roll style pan (I use Pampered Chef’s Large Stoneware Bar Pan)

Melt 1 stick of butter. Mix with 1/2 of a regular size (18 oz) box of yellow cake mix, or 1 small (9 oz) box of yellow cake mix.

Spread this mixture over your pizza crust. I spread mine all the way to the edges.

Sprinkle with approx. 6 oz (1/2 a 12 oz bag) of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Bake at 400 for 11-15 minutes.

Voila! And trust me, you do not need the brown sugar!

I would suggest mixing all the dry ingredients together first and then putting all the liquid or wet ingredients together by themselves, and then combining them. It sounds delicious and I hope that you can figure it out. Happy Cooking!

OK I made it and using everyone suggestions and my own thoughts, it turned out like Mr. Gatti’s chocolate chip pizza! Here’s how I done it…

I can of refrigerated pilsbury dough
chocolate chips
yellow cake mix
pourable brown sugar (looks granulated)

Ok I heated my oven to 400 and put my cast iron pan it with a stick of butter in it.
in a bowl I mixed 2 sticks of butter melted and pored some cake mix right out of the box in and mixed until it was about as thick as cake batter.
then I got the pan out of the oven and made my pizza crust round and put it in and used a spoon to make sure the sides of the dough were up higher to hold the wet ingredients. Careful those pans get so hot!
Poured in some chocolate chips. Get them all the way to the edge!
poured in the batter/butter mix
sprinkled some brown sugar on top and let bake until it was golden brown

mmmmmmmmm smells like gatti’s tastes like gatti’s just a bit thicker!
Oh I prayed over it :slight_smile:

sounds great

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get it to where it will be like the one they make in the restaurants? Thanks in advance for any help you all offer.[/QUOTE]

You have to prebake the crust first, then add the rest and return to oven to brown.


Bake the pizza crust first, only 8-10 minutes though. Remove from oven, add the rest of ingredients, return to oven till brown. Watch carefully on second part so it doesn’t burn. You may need to use the broiler if it doesn’t brown quickly enough.