Cider or white distilled vinegar Help!

My beet pickles call for vinegar. What kind can I use? What is the difference?

For my first batch of pickles I used cider but I ran out and have plenty of distilled white on hand. The recipe does not specify.:???:

use only the cider vinegar for your pickles…the taste will be completely different and not taste like pickles if you do not use the cider vinegar…

whats a beet pickle? do you mean pickled beets?

On the vinegar note. I have been looking for a “sauce” recipe for BBQ pork that uses vinegar. I have had it on pulled pork before but the person who fixed it would not give me the recipe. I do know that it had jalapeno in it (because I gave him some of my homegrown jalapenos for this recipe - the dog).